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Olivia Rodrigo ‘Guts’ Preorder In The Philippines

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Olivia Rodrigo Sophomore Album, Guts, Is Coming This September 2023!

Livies, rejoice! Our queen has finally announced the release date for her highly anticipated sophomore album, Guts. The album is set to drop on September 8, and we can't wait to hear what she's been working on.

The album cover for "Guts" showcases Olivia Rodrigo in a black top against a striking purple backdrop. The visual composition captures her chewing on one of her black-painted fingernails, accentuated by rings spelling out the word "GUTS." The imagery draws inspiration from the aesthetics of her debut album, "Sour," but with a noticeably darker and edgier tone.

Olivia Rodrigo openly discussed the thematic essence of her highly-anticipated album during a recent press release of "Guts." In her own words, she revealed that the record revolves around the concept of "growing pains" and the ongoing quest to ascertain her identity at this specific juncture in her life. Olivia candidly expressed her sentiment of feeling like she underwent a decade's worth of personal growth within the span of just a couple of years, particularly between the ages of 18 and 20. It was an intense phase marked by an amalgamation of awkwardness and significant transformations.

We're sure that Guts will be another raw and honest album from Olivia, and we can't wait to hear it. In the meantime, we'll be counting down the days until September 8!

Olivia Rodrigo Guts Official Album Cover

Guts Tracklist

This will be updated once official track listing is out!

Olivia Rodrigo Guts Preorder

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