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LANY ‘Mama’s Boy’ PREORDER In The Philippines 💟

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After months of being teased, there’s finally a release date on LANY’s 3rd full length album, “Mama’s Boy” - and the good part is we don’t have to wait too long!

Release date has been set to October 2, 2020

If you enjoy “You!” , “Good Guys”, and “If This Is The Last Time” you better buckle up as there will be single releases up until October 2nd – to gradually introduce us to their new music ( because that’s how album cycle works )😂

By the time you are reading this, you probably seen the album art reveal, so we’ll just give you a Chandler holding LANY’s best ever record meme + the available merch for preorder below.

lany chandler
Lany Mamas boy vinyl
Lany Mamas boy cassette

Mama’s boy Tracklist:

  1. you!
  2. cowboy in LA
  3. heart won't let me
  4. if this is the last time
  5. i still talk to jesus
  6. paper
  7. good guys
  8. sharing you
  9. bad news
  10. when you're drunk
  11. anything 4 u
  12. sad
  13. (what i wish just one person would say to me)
  14. nobody else

As of this writing, there are no new merch release yet, but we will continue to update this post once exclusive preorder bundles are out!

Some products now available for purchase via our website, and will be posted in the official Ted Ellis Shopee and Lazada store once it reaches our warehouse - approximately 2 weeks after release date if there’s no US shipping delay.


There was a sneaky release of an SPOTIFY x LANY exclusive metallic silver double-vinyl colorway and a signed Mama’s Boy vinyl.

It looks like it’s sold out - but who knows, a stock or 2 might randomly show up in our website on October 😉

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Lany Mamas boy signed vinyl

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