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Lany ‘GG BB XX’ Preorder In The Philippines

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Lany album 4, titled ‘GG BB XX’ is on the way, and we couldn’t be more excited! In just less than a year after Mama’s Boy, subsequently, where a deluxe version was also released back in February 2021, who could’ve guessed we’ll be spoiled with a new music!

(We didn’t even had the chance for a Mama’s Boy tour in the Philippines!)

Our favorite boys continues to build their momentum with ‘GG BB XX’ that is set to be released on September 3. There’s no official statement about this acronym but I guess we can assume that it’s from the popular internet slang "Good Game Bye Bye" right?? I could be wrong though! :)

The band shared the album art and tracklist on Twitter as part of the announcement:


  1. ​get away
  2. ​up to me
  3. ​never mind, let's break up
  4. dna
  5. roll over, baby
  6. live it down
  7. dancing in the kitchen
  8. ex i never had
  9. somewhere
  10. care less
  11. ’til i don’t
  12. one minute left to live


‘GG BB XX’ pre-order is available from official Lany Store here.
Due to pandemic and global shortage of record manufacturer, expectedly, the vinyl LP will be delayed and won’t be available until November or later.

gg bb xx CD
"gg bb xx" CD Php895
gg bb xx cassette
"gg bb xx" cassette Php795
"gg bb xx" vinyl
"gg bb xx" vinyl


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